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DDF Frame D551RU24 Front View
  • DDF Frame D551RU24 Front View

Digital Distribution Frame D551RU24


A Digital Distribution Frame (DDF) is the interface when coaxial cable has to be terminated, organized or cross-connected in long-distant transport networks, or in access networks close to subscribers. LongXing is expert in producing DDF products and currently providing products to China's main telecom networks in 28 provinces. The frame is equipped with perfect earth system, and 75Ω/ 120Ω convertor can be provided at user's requirement.


l Easy to install: pairs guided by wire-guide channels;
l Simple to use, cables and patch cords connected at the front;
l Economical
l These strips can be used in telephones, signalization, remote control, on distributor, 
box or cupboards, to constitute sets of under distribution and distribution.
enable the patch cord connection of the cable head and the switching equipment.
l The wrapping terminating blocks consist of a support base with a capacity of 24 pairs.
l A set of clamps enable the fixing to flat iron profile.

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Technical Specifications
Operation Speed 2Mbit/s
Contact resistance Between the interfaces≤3MΩ, the increment≤2MΩ after mechanical durability test
Insulation resistance ≥1000MΩ, the voltage of test circuit is 500Vdc
Pressurization 500Vac/min
Cross-talk prevention level between the circuit ≥60dB (50 kHz-3.1MHz)
Interruption loss ≤0.4dB (50 kHz-3.1MHz)
Return loss ≥18dB (50 kHz-3.1MHz)
Pull-off force ≥22N (conductor diameter is 0.4mm)
Mechanical durability Meets all the requirements of interruption and return loss and contract resistance, 
and there is still electro deposition on the contacting surface without base material exposed (10 times of winding of each pin).

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