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Rack Mount Patch Panel ODU-L10 Front View
  • Rack Mount Patch Panel ODU-L10 Front View
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Rack Mount Patch Panel ODU-L10


Rack Mount Patch Panel ODU-L10 is used to terminate the providers’ side of an optical fiber cable. It is a steel unit with provision to splice up to external optical fibers to pigtails. The generic patch & splicing shelf ODU-L10 is the mechanical assembly for the fiber management system that provides the function of cable splicing and patch cord patching and connecting in a rack environment.


l   Top quality steel with cover by nonflammable electrostatic painted ensures a strong body, resistance to corrosive influences and pleasing appearance
l   Easy installations: 19”, 21'' and 23''ODF rack mount case with all needed accessories for mounting. 19” ears (rack mount kits) can be installed in the front or rear of the case, in order to have a flexible solution based on customer requirement.
l   Removable trays for easy upgrade (each tray can hold 12 adapters SC, LC/Duplex)
l   Multiple configurations combining patching and splicing
l   External cable can be entered through two lateral (left and right) access – total front access for users
l   Four types of patch panels can be selected:
       24 ports (2 trays)
       48 ports (4 trays)
       72 ports (6 trays)
       96 ports (8 trays)
l   The ODF can be loaded or not with adapters, pigtails, and protective splice/ heat shrink tubes(40mm or 50mm).
l   Tray have two different areas, one for splicing and the other for patching
l   All fiber management accessories ensures a minimum curvature radius of 30mm
l   Front door can be selected push button or key lock; allow easy access to the splicing and connectorization trays.
l   The ODF has an indelible label at the right corner of the front door.
l   Splice and connectorization tray allows entry and organization of patch cords up to 0.9mm in diameter.
l   Left and right sides cable entrance
l   12 port splice tray, removable and stackable patch cords and pigtails.
Pigtails can be provided depending on customization: connector, cable type (0.9mm) with Hytrel, length (m or ft), and UPC, APC polishing.
l   ITU-T G.651, G.652 or G.655 compliant
l   ISO9001 compliant

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Dimensions and Capability
Height Depth Width Capacity
SC LC duplex
1U 280 19''/21'' 24 48
2U 280 19”/21'' 48 96
3U 280 19”/21'' 72 144
4U 280 19”/21'' 96 192

Operation Conditions
Temperature -5℃ -- 60℃
Humidity 90% at 30℃
Air Pressure 70kPa – 106kPa

Shipping Information
Package Contents Patch panel, 1 unit
Package Dimensions(W*H*D) It depends on the dimensions of the product
Material Carton box
Weight It depends on the dimensions of the product
Lead Time 10-15 working days normally

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