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Frisbee Style Splice Tray ST-1D24C Front View
  • Frisbee Style Splice Tray ST-1D24C Front View
  • UFO Style Splice Tray ST-1D24C Overview
  • UFO Style Splice Tray ST-1D24C Top View
  • Round Splice Tray ST-1D24C Bottom View
  • Round Splice Tray ST-1D24C Top View
  • Round Splice Tray ST-1D24C Top View

Round Splice Tray UFO Type ST-1D24C


The LongXing GPX82-6B splice module provides protection and a mounting location for round splice trays. Each splice module is two mounting positions tall and holds 24 splice trays. Each splice tray can house up to 24 splices, which offers a combination of splicing protection and associated fiber/pigtail storage. The fiber optical splice trays are applicable to the fiber distribution cabinets, terminal boxes, fiber splicing patching shelves.


l UFO style splice tray
l Round disk shape design to fit special requests.
l For fusion splicing of optical fibers with large bent radius.
l Material: ABS Material.
l Capacity: 12 or 24 Cores.
l Scientific design to meet special installation requirements better.
l Both splice and fiber/pigtail storage.
l Two sizes available.

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Dimensions and Capability
  ST-1D24C-1 ST-1D24C-2
Dimensions (W*H*D) Φ170mm,δ10mm;  Φ220mm,δ14mm
Capacity 12 or 24 cores
Optional Accessories Heat Shrink Tubes, Heat Shrink Splice Holder
Max diameter of entry cable 7.0mm;  10.0mm
Weight 0.100 KG  0.150KG

Operation Conditions
Temperature -40℃ -- 55℃
Sealing performance Remain unchanged for72 hours on pressure 70kpa
Air Pressure 70kPa – 106kPa
Tensile Strength >1000N
Compressive Strength Withstand 2000N/10Cm² in 1min

Shipping Information
  ST-1D24C-1 ST-1D24C-2
Package Contents Splice Tray Base with Splice Holder; Splice Tray Cover
Package Dimensions(W*H*D) 220mm*220mm*60mm 280mm*280mm*60mm
Material  Carton box
Weight  0.65 KG 0.70KG
Lead Time 10-15 working days normally

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