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Fiber Optic Tool Box Front View
  • Fiber Optic Tool Box Front View

Tool Kit Box


Optical Cable Tool Kit includes the most commonly used tools in fiber optic networking constructions. Customized design available upon your request.


l Peeling the optic fibre surface. 
l Trip bolt 
l Cut off the optic bundle 
l Installation kit 
l Portrait cable knife
l 24 pieces of common tools

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Configuration & accessories
No. Tool Qty Country of Origin Usage
1 Fiber stripper 1 pcs USA Peeling the optic fiber surface
2 Transverse cable knife 1 pcs USA Open optical cable transverse
3 Cutter 1 pcs USA Cut objects
4 Scissors 1 pcs USA Cut the buffer inside the cable jacket
5 Bolt cutter 1 pcs Japan Peeling the optic fiber
6 Pliers 1 pcs Taiwan Cut the core of optic fiber
7 Screwdrivers 1 suit Taiwan For tight / release screws
8 Socket wrench set 1 pcs Taiwan Tighten the six-party screws
9 wrench 1 pcs Japan Peeling the optic fiber
10 Inner hexagon spanner 1 pcs Germany trip bolt
11 Aurilave 1 pcs Germany Blow the surface of lens
12 Tweezers 1 pcs Switzerland For operating small items
13 Marker pen 1 pcs Japan Make the terminal remark
14 Alcohol pump 1 pcs Japan Clear optical fiber
15 Mini screwdrivers 1 suit Taiwan trip bolt
16 Loose casing skinning clamp pliers 1 pcs Taiwan Strip cable coating
17 Tapeline 1 pcs Taiwan Measure peeling length.
18 Kit box 1 pcs China Store all kits
19 Diagonal cutting pliers 1 pcs Taiwan Cutting optical core.
20 Long flat nose pliers 1 pcs Taiwan Peeling the optic Fiber
21 Neon-electroscope 1box Taiwan Test  alive circuit
22 Flashlight 1 pcs Japan night illumination
23 Hand saw 1 pcs USA Saw the optical cable and iron
24 Spare saw blade 1 suit USA Saw the optical cable and iron

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