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DDF Frame MPX56-120 Front View
  • DDF Frame MPX56-120 Front View

Digital Distribution Frame MPX56-120 Ohm


A Digital Distribution Frame (DDF) is the interface when coaxial cable has to be terminated, organized or cross-connected in long-distant transport networks, or in access networks close to subscribers. LongXing is expert in producing DDF products and currently providing products to China's main telecom networks in 28 provinces. The frame is equipped with perfect earth system, and 75Ω/ 120Ω convertor can be provided at user's requirement. The frame has the highlights of fast and easy installation, high reliability, good cable management and wide range for all applications.


l The frame is made from quality materials such as aluminum alloy, steel plate etc. 
l The surface is treated by way of galvanization, oxidization, plastics coating etc. 
l The structure is stable with pleasing appearance.
l Unit structure is adopted for flexible and easy installation and deployment.
l Enough wire hooking rings and support trays are provided for the frame for easy cable laying.
l The frame is equipped with perfect earth system
l The contact reed of module is treated with bright tin plating or gold plating so as to ensure 
contact reliability and safety.

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(H x W x D)
2600*520*300 30 pairs/unit,
360 pairs(12 units)/frame
High/low end 1)Notepad of unit is rotary.
2)1 system = 2 pairs
2200/2000*520*300 30 pairs/unit,
240 pairs(8 units)/frame
High/low end
2600*520*300 30 pairs/unit, 
720 pairs24 units)/frame
All/high end
2200/2000*520*300 30 pairs/unit,
480 pairs(16 units)/frame
All /high end

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