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Rack Mount Patch Panel ODU-L21 Front View
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Rack Mount Patch Panel ODU-L21


ODF (Optical Distribution Frame) rack mount patch panel ODU-L21 ultimate new design with the most advanced splice & patch system and cable management ever developed for high density applications on carrier & transmission side.


l Compact 3U patch panel, each U accommodates 2 fiber trays
l Each U accommodates 2 fiber trays with each max. Capacity of 24 fibers
l Max capacity of the patch panel is 144 fibers for SSF Duplex adapters
l Patch Panels are rear mounted for improved access
l Fiber trays and connected patch cords can slide in and out independently as a pull-out unit
l Easy side access ensures laser safety
l Special splice module design, which allows splicing on one side and professional cable storage on the other side without cable congestion
l Modules are tiltable up to 135 degree for ease of installation and maintenance
l Special incoming cable fixing unit which ensures strong, easy and quick cable fixing for miniflex tubes-no need to use time consuming plastic cable ties
l Integrated outgoing patch cords clamps and routing guides, which ensures min bend radius criteria of 35mm and professional cable management.

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Dimensions and Capability
Dimensions(H*W*D) 133mm*486mm*258mm
Cold rolled steel; Powder coated 
Color RAL 7035
Weight 4 kg
Maximum Port Capacity 144 Ports for SSF Double Connectors
* Height is upon request.

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