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Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure GPJ83-D16


The GPJ83 - D16 Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure are closures which accommodate the joint part of the cable, that can be used in manhole, in handhole, aerial-hanger, wall-mounting or be directly buried. Each splice case has three Cable Entry Ports. The box is made from the high-quality PC and with the mechanical Sealing Structure filled with Silicon Gum Material. It can be opened after sealing and can be reused.


Aerial and wall-mounting.
Ambient temperature ranges from -40 to 60℃.
The closure casing is made of quality engineering plastics, and of good performance of anti-erosion against acid and alkali salt, anti-aging, as well as smooth appearance and reliable mechanical structure.
The mechanical structure is reliable and has the performance of resisting wild environment and intensive climate changes and serious working environment.
The splice trays (FOST) inside the closure are turn-able like booklets, and have adequate curvature radius and space for winding optical fiber.
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Dimensions and Capacity
Outside Dimensions (Height*Diameter) Φ85 × 330mm
Weight (excluding outside box) 1500g
Cable Entry Ports 1& 2
Round Port(mm) Φ7mm – Φ19mm
Max Capacity 12 ( Single ) / 24 ( Single )


Main Components
Name of Components Quantity Usage Remarks
FOSC Cover 1 pc Protecting fiber cable splices in whole N/A
Splice Tray (FOST) Max. 2 trays Fixing heat shrink protective sleeve and holding fibers 6 ( Single ) / 12 ( Single )
Splice Protective Tube According to the fiber cores Protecting fiber splices N/A
Heat-shrinkable Tube 3 pcs Protecting fiber splices 1pc: Φ50×150(mm)
Base 1 set Fixing internal and external structure N/A
Hanging Hook 1 set Aerial-hanging or Wall-mounting N/A
Hose Clamp 4 pcs Fixing fiber cable Φ8-Φ16(mm)
Branch Block 1 pc Branching fiber cables N/A
Labeling Paper 4 pcs Labeling fiber N/A
Cables Ties 4 pcs Fixing fiber with protective coat 3×100(mm)


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