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Copper Cross-Connect Cabinet XF5-L11


The copper cross connection cabinet and cable terminal blocks are designed to provide a flexibility point between primary and secondary cable in the local line network. The cabinet is consist of shell, door, internal frame, base plate and base.


l High strength glass-fiber polyester (SMC) body ensures excellent performance of mechanical 
 durability, anti-erosion, aging resistance and lightweight.
l The cabinet can be equipped with additional layer of PE foam inside to provide thermal insulation.
l Solid and fully-closed structure with the advantages of good performance of dust-proof, pleasing 
 and neat appearance.
l Lock provided for every cabinet ensures the safety.
l Simple constituent parts of the cabinet can ensure the possibility of replacement without interrupting
l Opening angle of the door ≥ 120°
l Grounding system is provided in the cabinet.
l The way of opening front door can be chosen: open to right or open to left
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Dimensions and Capability
Cabinet Type Dimensions(H * W * D) mm Capacity (P) 
Single-sided 1450(with base)*750*320 1200


Operation Conditions
Temperature -40℃ -- 60℃
Humidity  ≤95% (at 40℃)
Collision Resistance  >100kgf
Shock Resistance >1kg from 2 meters
Static >200kgf load
Bolted joints ≥150 kgf pulling force


Shipping Information
Package Contents cabinet 1 unit
Material  wooden box
Lead Time 10-15 working days normally

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