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LongXing’s strong and visionary leadership has always been guided by an enduring set of values that set us apart from other companies in the telecommunications industry – values that define our relationships with employees, customers, and the people of communities around the world in which we operate. At LongXing, how we do things is just as important as what we do.


LongXing understands that producing top quality products demands continuous improvement in all facets of our operation, from production to service. We know that success depends on our ability to learn from experience, embrace change, and have all of our employees fully engaged in producing goods and services that stay useful.


LongXing is a proven leader in the telecommunications industry. We believe deeply in the power of technology and set the standard in technical innovation. It is this innovation that has enabled us to create new products and new markets, to introduce new forms of corporate organization, and to find new ways for employees to participate.
At LongXing, we embrace the opportunities that come with change and are confident of our ability to help shape the future of global telecommunications. LongXing employees contribute to our success by incorporating our values into their daily lives.


LongXing maintains an environmentally prudent and cost-effective use of energy worldwide. We believe that protecting the environment is good for business. We feel that a strong focus on safety and health is essential to being a world-class company with top quality performance.
For over thirty years, we have earned the trust and respect of people around the world through honest, decent, and fair policies and practices. It is vital for our relationships to continue to be shaped by such values both inside and outside the LongXing network.