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Gel Seal Closure JHKF-T14


LongXing JHKF-T series gel seal closure is a new kind of weatherproofing kit for sealing coaxial cable jumper-to-feeder, jumper-to-antenna and grounding kit connectors exposed to the outside environment. It is designed to quickly seal the antenna connectors and feeder connectors in cellular sites. This closure contains an innovative gel material and provides an efficient block against moisture & salt mist. JHKF-T series gel seal closures have pass strict tests from lab and achieve good feedback from long-term practical application. The ease of installation and reusable feature makes them a cost-effective solution.


l Designed to quickly seal 7/8" jumper cable to antenna for cellular site.
l Innovative pin structure makes installation finished in seconds
l Reusable brings down the maintenance cost
l Simple installation reduces the man-made operation mistake
l Good weather resistant, UV & Corrosion & Shock resistant
l Pass strict tests from labs
l Have good feedback from long-term practical application
l Require no special tools or materials for installation
l Quick and simple installation makes the operators safer on the high tower   
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Physical Specifications
Assembly Size (L*W*H) 125mm*75.5mm*54mm
Inlet Antenna bolt   
Outlet 7/8" feeder cable(27-29mm)
Packing Dimension 40PCS/CTN, 47.7cm*34cm*33.5cm
Packing Gross/Net Weight 9.5KGS/7.5KGS


Technical Specifications
IP Rating IP 68
Fire Rating HB
Temperature Range -40--+65℃
Lifespan >10 Years
ROHS Compliant Pass
Solar Radiation Test Pass
Chemical Corrosion Test Pass
Rainstorm Resistance 100E150mm/h
Ice-snow Resistance Up to 100mm, No water leakage, No shape change


Optional Designs
Part Number Dimensions ( L*W*H) Type Specs
JHKF-T11 198mm*88mm*55mm In-line Transitions Seal 1/2” jumper-to-7/8” feeder
JHKF-T12 120mm*85mm*40mm Grounding Kit Closure Seal grounding kit for 7/8” feeder
JHKF-T13 150mm*70mm*42mm Antenna Transitions Seal 1/2” jumper-to-antenna
JHKF-T14 125mm*75.5mm*54mm Antenna Transitions Seal 7/8” jumper-to-antenna
JHKF-T15 230mm*99mm*74mm In-line Transitions Seal 1/2” jumper-to-1-1/4” feeder
JHKF-T16 255mm*105mm*85mm In-line Transitions Seal 1/2” jumper-to-1-5/8” feeder
JHKF-T17 125mm*45mm*27mm In-line Transitions Seal jumper cable to antenna or RRU device in TD-SCDMA
JHKF-T18 91.2mm*22.5mm*94.4mm Antenna Transitions Seal 1/2” jumper-to-antenna (Shorter one)

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