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Ceramic Ferrule and Split Sleeve


Ceramic ferrules are the core components of fiber optic products. Split sleeves are mainly used in adapters, which would be used to connect and align two inserted ceramic ferrules together. The quality of ferrule and split sleeve determines in great sense the performance of other components such as connectors, patch cords, etc. Custom length, inner and outer dimensions are available upon request.


l Type: SC, LC, MU, LC
l Good performance of temperature stability
l High performance of mechanical durability and anti-erosion  
l Good concentricity and dimensional accuracy
l Low insertion loss and high return loss
l Standard and custom configuration
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Ceramic Ferrule Specifications
Type Concentric Degree Inside Diameter Outside Diameter
SC&FC/SM ≤0.001 Ø 0.125+0.001/-0mm  Ø 2.4990±0.0005mm
SC&FC/MM ≤0.004 Ø 0.1255+0.0015/-0mm  Ø 2.499±0.001mm
LC/SM ≤0.001 Ø 0.125+0.001/-0mm Ø 1.2490±0.0005mm
LC/MM ≤0.004 Ø 0.1255+0.0015/-0mm Ø 1.2490±0.0005mm
MU/SM ≤0.001 Ø 0.125+0.001/-0mm Ø 1.2490±0.0005mm
MU/MM ≤0.004 Ø 0.1255+0.0015/-0mm Ø 1.2490±0.0005mm


Ceramic Sleeves Specifications
Type  Length Inside Diameter Outside Diameter
50mm Sleeve (For SC/FC Adapter)  4.0~14.5mm Ø 2.500±0.005mm  Ø 3.2~4.0mm
25mm Sleeve (For LC/MU Adapter) 3.5~9.8mm Ø 1.250±0.005mm  Ø 1.62~2.0mm

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