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Fiber Optic Fast Connector Series A


LongXing Fast connectors make fiber terminations fast, easy and reliable. These fiber optic connectors offer terminations without any hassles and require no epoxy, no polishing, no splicing, no heating and can achieve similar excellent transmission parameters as standard polishing and splicing technology. Assembly of the quickly assembly fiber connector requires only normal fiber preparation tools, no electrical power supply is needed


l Compatible with standard SC connectors;
l Field installable, cost effective, user friendly;
l PC, APC polishing optional;
l No electricity required;
l FTTH cable, fiber optic cable optional;
l Reliable durable and superior optical performance
l Low insertion loss and high return loss
l Stable capability and high reliability
l Excellent mechanical capability
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No-epoxy/no-polish or other consumables required 
Quick and easy installation, less than one minute per connector on average
100 percent factory tested for insertion loss
Typical insertion loss of 0.2 dB for UPC and 0.3 dB for APC connectors
Factory-polished end face
Low insertion loss and high-performance return loss
Reliable, proven mechanical splice technology
Over 70 million connectors deployed in various applications
No need for electrical power for ovens or lights
Reduces complexity
Angled Fiber Stub
Inside all OptiSnap connectors regardless of polish to maximize back reflection performance


Intermateability   Connectors are FOCIS
Compliant with TIA/EIA 604-
3 (SC), FOCIS 10 (LC)
Approvals and Listings Passed EIA/TIA 568-B.3
Design and Test Criteria Telcordia GR-1209 and GR-1221


Technical Specifications
Insertion Loss Average ≤ 0.2dB,Max ≤ 0.4dB
Return Loss UPC ≥ 40dB, 55dB typical at 25 degrees C + 5degrees
APC ≥ 55dB, 60dB typical at 25 degrees C +/- 5degrees
One-Time Assembly Yield ≥ 97%
Assembly Repeatability ≥ 5 times
Average Assembly Time ≤ 3 minutes
Life-Time ≥ 30 years
Tensile Strength ≥ 30N(2.0x3.0 drop cable.)
Operation Temperature -40℃~+85℃

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