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Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure GPJ83-D18


The GPJ83-D18 Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure are closures which accommodate the joint part of the cable, that can be used in aerial-hanger, wall-mounting or pole-mounting. This kind of dome splice closure includes three types, namely GPJ83-D18-A, GPJ83-D18-B, GPJ83-D18-C, GPJ83-D18-D, which differs from sizes, input/output ports numbers, capacity, etc. The box is made from the high-quality PC and with the mechanical Sealing Structure filled with Silicon Gum Material. It can be opened after sealing and can be reused.


LongXing GPJ83-D18 fiber optic splice closures are specially designed to protect joints of optic cable.
The scope of application is: aerial, wall-mounting, and pole-mounting. The ambient temperature ranges from –40℃ to +65℃.
The closure adopts mechanical and heat shrinkable sealing structure. There is one oval shaped cable port entrances in base, which is used for the sealing of uncut straight-through fiber cable. The small ports are used for branch fiber cable and drop cable.
To adopt engineering PP plastic with high-strength to make the closure has longer life time and excellent sealing performance.
It can be installed more splitter trays and 1:8 blockless or bare PLC splitters.
There are different drop cable elements to be chosen: D18-A: (Φ5-Φ9). Max. 24 pcs drop cable input/output; D18-B: (Φ5-Φ9). Max. 24 pcs drop cable input/output; D18-C: (Φ5-Φ9). Max. 32 pcs drop cable input/output. D18-D: (Φ5-Φ9). Max. 32 pcs drop cable input/output.
The excellent sealing structure keep good sealing performance after re-entry and re-using.
It could save installation time.
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Dimension and Capacity
Closure type D18-A
(Small Closure)
(Medium Closure)
(Large Closure)
(Extra Large Closure)
Outside dimension (H x W x L) 345×192×323mm 445×192×323mm 490×313×φ281mm 590×313×φ281mm
Weight (excluding outside box) About 4.50 kg About 5.5 kg About 6.80 kg About 7.15 kg
Number of inlet/out ports 7 pcs 7 pcs 9 pcs 9 pcs
Diameter of express cable Φ8~Φ16mm Φ8~Φ16mm Φ8~Φ23mm Φ8~Φ23mm
Diameter of branch/drop cable Φ8~Φ22mm Φ8~Φ22mm Φ8~Φ22mm Φ8~Φ22mm
Capacity of FOSC 6 - 192 cores 6 - 384 cores 6-576cores 6 -960cores


FOST Dimension and Capacity
Capacity of fiber optic splice tray (FOST) Type Splice Tray Splitting Tray
Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4
Size 134*115*4mm 134*115*8mm 134*115*8mm 134*115*4mm
Capacity of FOST 12F splicing 24F splicing 1*splitters 1:4 / 1*splitter 1:8 1*splitter 1:4
Heat-shrink tube storage Max. 1 layer Max. 2 layers Max. 2 layers Max. 1 layer
Number of FOST (max.) D18-A 16 pcs 8 pcs 8 pcs 16 pcs
D18-B 32 pcs 16 pcs 16 pcs 32 pcs
D18-C 24 pcs (one side)
48 pcs (double sides)
12 pcs (one side)
24 pcs (double sides)
12 pcs (one side)
24 pcs (double sides)
24 pcs (one side)
48 pcs (double sides)
D18-D 40 pcs (one side)
80 pcs (double sides)
20 pcs (one side)
40 pcs (double sides)
20 pcs (one side)
40 pcs (double sides)
40 pcs (one side)
80 pcs (double sides)


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