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Rack Mount Patch Panel ODU-L1


(Optical Distribution Frame) rack mount patch panel ODU-L1 is adaptable with standard 19", 21'' and 23’’ frames and currently being widely used in Longxing’s optical fiber distribution frames, such as GPX82 series. The rack mount is made of top quality metal material and could contain up to 8 integrated splice & distribution units (up to 96 cores).Splice and distribution are integrated in one module. Each module can complete the splice and distribution processes of 12 cores of fibers. This termination box is used in GPX82-2 optical distribution frame (ODF).


l   Top quality steel with electrostatic painted ensures the strong body and pleasing appearance.
l   Easy installation:19”, 21'' and 23'' wall mounting.
l   For standard 19”, 21'' and 23'' racks use (other rack width options available on request).
l   Front rack mount brackets work with most network cabinets.
l   Easy operations: Drawer-type.
l   Removable front door with designation labels.
l   Vertical cable guides on exit side allow for managed routing and protection of the fiber exiting the panel.
l   Multi-functions – Works with all LongXing Series A modules1 (not just for splicing & terminating, also with options for splitters or fiber storage).
l   Protected patch panel offers secure environment for adapters, patch cords and pigtails.
l   Adoptable adapter types: FC, SC, ST simplex adapters and LC duplex adapters .
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Dimensions and Capability
Height Depth(mm) Width Module A1 Module A3
Capacity Module
Capacity Module
FC/SC/ST LC duplex FC/SC
2U 250 19''/21''/23''  24 48 2 48 2
3U 250 19''/21''/23''  48 96 4 96 4
4U 250 19''/21''/23''  72 144 6 144 6
5U 250 19''/21''/23''  96 192 8 192 8


Operation Conditions
Temperature -5℃ -- 60℃
Humidity 90% at 30℃
Air Pressure 70kPa – 106kPa


Shipping Information
Package Contents Patch panel, 1 unit
Package Dimensions(W*H*D) It depends on the dimensions of the product
Material Carton box
Weight It depends on the dimensions of the product
Lead Time 10-15 working days normally



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