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Rack Mount Patch Panel ODU-L20


Rack Mount Patch Panel ODU-L20 are used for fiber termination and storage of pigtails. Our panels provide easy installation and complete access to the inside of the panel, by being hinged on the front left side. The panel is equipped with a removable metal door, a vertical cable management trough, and plexiglass windows with designation labels. These panels can be mounted in 19” racks or cabinets. 6 position adapter holders must be ordered separately. The holders are available loaded with either FC, LC or SC type adapters.


l Mounting:
² 19-inch racks or cabinets
² Other mounting kits available
l Fiber Chassis Data:
² Fiber capacity: 72 FC/SC, or 144 LC
² Termination
² Pigtail storage
l Hinged on left front side; allows full access to rear of front plate and interior of panel
l 6 position adapter holders sold separately
l Constructed of high strength aluminum
l Equipped with removable metal doors with Plexiglass windows
l Designation labels included with each panel
l Complete line of accessories including locks for security, cable clamp kits, bonding/grounding kits, ordered separately
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Dimensions and Capability
Height Depth Width Capacity
FC/SC LC Duplex
266.7mm / 6U 257.6mm 19 inch 96 192
222.3mm / 5U 257.6mm 19 inch 72 144
133.4mm / 3U 257.6mm 19 inch 48 96
88.9mm / 2U 257.6mm 19 inch 24 48
44.5mm / 1U 257.6mm 19 inch 12 24


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