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Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure ODU-L22


LongXing's Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure is an integrated unit for fiber management with a protection function, to hold OSPM PLC Splitter (LGX Box). This high-density patch panel is constructed of light weight, yet durable, rolled steel. OSPM PLC Splitter (LGX Box) must be ordered separately. The splitters are available loaded with either LC or SC type adapters. OSPM PLC Splitter (LGX Box), also known as LGX PLC splitter or LGX splitter. The whole body of a LGX PLC splitter is housed in a strong PLASTIC box which can be used alone or be easily installed in standard fiber patch panel or fiber patch enclosure. Fiber adapters are pre-terminated on the LGX box for fast and reliable connecting with subscribers or other devices.


l Loaded with OSPM PLC Splitter (LGX Box)
² 1 U Rack Mount to hold 3 pieces of 1*8 OSPM PLC Splitter (LGX Box)
² 2 U Rack Mount to hold 3 pieces of 1*16 OSPM PLC Splitter (LGX Box)
² 3 U Rack Mount to hold 16 pieces of 1*8 OSPM PLC Splitter (LGX Box)
² Customized design available upon request.
l Compact Design
l Mount to standard EIA 19 " rack rails
l Steel construction with Black Powder Coating
l Ensure signal integrity, proper cable routing, bend radius control and cable protection
l Provide higher patch field density in fewer rack units saving valuable space
l Assures flexibility and ease of network deployment and moves, adds, and changes
l Provides a complete system solution for connectivity
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Dimensions and Capability
height Depth Width Capacity Quantity of Splitter
1U 200 19 " 24 Qty. 3, 1*8
2U 200 19 " 48 Qty. 3, 1*16
3U 200 19 " 96 Qty. 16, 1*8


Shipping Information
Package Contents Patch panel, 1 unit
Package Dimensions(W*H*D) It depends on the dimensions of the product
Material Carton box
Weight It depends on the dimensions of the product
Lead Time 10-15 working days normally


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