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Cabinet Filter With 1x2 Splitter WDM-F3


In fiber-optic communications, WDM (wavelength-division multiplexing) is a technology which multiplexes a number of optical carrier signals onto a single optical fiber by using different wavelengths (i.e., colors) of laser light. This technique enables bidirectional communications over one strand of fiber as well as multiplication of capacity. Generally, WDM technology is applied to an optical carrier which is typically described by its wavelength.


l Wide Operating Wavelength Range
l Low Insertion Loss
l Ultra Flat Wide Passband
l High Channel Isolation
l High Stability and reliability
l Epoxy-free on Optical Path
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Optical Specifications
Item Parameters Specification Units Symbol
Min Typ Max
1. Reflect Port DWDM Band 1525~1630 nm λR1
OTDR Band 1636~1671 λR2
2. Pass Port GPON Band 1260 ~1500 Nm λP
3. Insertion Loss, without connector EAST  Port, λP     4.4 dB IL
WEST  Port, λP     4.4 dB
Reflect Port, λR     0.5 dB
4. WDL, each band Pass Port     0.3 dB  
Reflect Port     0.3 dB
5. Isolation EAST Port @λR1 λR2 25     dB IS
WEST Port @λR1 λR2 25     dB
Reflect Port @λP 15      
6. Polarizations Dependent Loss     0.15 dB PDL
7. Return Loss Without connector 50     dB RL
With connector 45    
8. Directivity 50     dB DIR
9. Polarization Mode Dispersion     0.2 ps PMD
10. Optical Power     27 dBm  
11. Maximum Relative Humidity, non-condensing     85 %  
12. Operationg Temperature -5   70 °C  
13. Storage Temperature Range -40   70 °C  
14. Relative Humidity, non-condensing 5   95 RH  

Filter in the Street cabinet
It will be Y cable filter with SC/APC connectors.

Item Parameters Min Typ Max Units Note
1. Fiber Type G.657A1    
2. Fiber Jacket 3mm cable    
3. Fiber Length COM 35 cm  
1 m
1 m
GPON 1 cm
4. Fiber Color COM Natural    
DWDM Natural    
GPON Natural    
5. Connector type SC APC    
6. Packaging Dimensions L70*W35*H9 mm  


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