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CNY Holiday Notice 2020

The Chinese New Year 2020 is earlier than most other years (25 Jan 2020). LongXing would like to inform our valuable clients the following dates in order to avoid any unwanted shipment delays due to the holiday season.
Our factories will be closed from 22 Jan to 1 Feb, and the productivity during the weeks before and after the holiday will be significantly lower than normal days.
Please place your orders by 1 December for a chance to catch the shipments in January*. Orders received after may require extra 3-4 weeks lead time due to the Chinese New Year holiday.
We apologise for any inconvenience it may cause.
LongXing thank you for your business and trust in 2019, and let's make something greater in 2020! 

* Standard items and regular size orders only. For special / customised items or large orders, please contact your sales manager for lead time.