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Rectifier Module 3000 Series


The innovative design makes great customer advantages of high efficiency, reliable and cost-effective. With up to 93% efficiency, the power loss will be 20% reduced by, as well as a big TCO reduction.


l 3000S: ≥93.2%@220Vac@peak,
               ≥92.0%@220V ac@100% load
l 3000M: ≥95.0%@220Vac@peak,
                ≥94.0%@220V ac@100% load
l 3000H: ≥96.8%@220Vac@peak,
                ≥95.5%@220V ac@100% load
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BTS, fiber and switch telecom
Network access
Data center, powers server and computer
Self protection and reliability


AC Input
Voltage 85Vac~ 300Vac(nominal 100Vac to 240Vac)
Frequency 45Hz-65Hz
Power factor ≥0.99@220Vac/50A, ≥0.98@220Vac/25A
Input pretection L-line fuse 25A
Varistors for transient protection


DC Output
Voltage +53.5Vdc
Output power 3000W(154Vac~300Vac), 1200W(85Vac~154Vac)
Maximum current 55A
Current sharing 5%
Dynamic voltage regulation ±5.0% for 10-90% or 90-10% load variation, regulation time < 200us
Load regulation ±0.5% from 10% to 100% load
Ripple and noise < 200 mV peak to peak, 30 MHz bandwidth,
< 2 mV rms psophometric
Output protection Overvoltage shutdown
Hot swapable - Inrush current limiting Fuse
Short circuit proof
High temperature protection


Design Standards
Safety IEC 60950-1
EMC EN 61000-6
Environment ETSI EN 300 019-2
RoHS compliant


Other Specifications
Isolation 3.0 KVAC – input and output
1.5 KVAC – input earth
0.5 KVDC – output earth
Indicator LEDs Green--normal
Yellow--protection warning
Alarms Low mains shutdown
High temperature shutdown
Rectifier Failure
Output overvoltage shutdown
Fan failure
Warnings Rectifier in power derate mode
Remote battery current limit activated
Input voltage out of range
Low voltage alarm
LVD activated
Operating temp -40~+55℃ 100% power output
+55~+65℃, 50% power derated output
Storage temp -40 to +70°C
Cooling fan Temperature regulated air front to back
MTBF 500000 hours
Acoustic noise 50dB
Humidity 10%~95% no condensing
Iron panel 84mm(W)*232mm(D)*113mm(H)
Plastic panel 106mm(W)*242mm(D)*84mm(H)
Weight 2.4kg

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