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Fiber Optic Loopback Adapter


Fiber Optic Loopback provides a return signal for fiber optic equipment which can be using for testing purposes and isolating any network issues. Built using high quality Glass, these fiberr loopback adapter cables will offer consistent performance time and time again.


l Tests network transmitting and receiving devices
l Also use for burn-in test and engineering applications
l Plugs into input and output ports
l Easy to use
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Technical Specifications
Item SM MM
Ferrule End-face PC UPC APC PC
Insertion Loss <0.3dB (Typical) 0.50dB (Maximum)
Return Loss ≥45dB ≥50dB ≥60dB ≥35dB
Cable diameter 0.9mm
Exchangeability ≤0.2dB, 500 Cycles
Operating Temperature -40°C to +80°C

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