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LongXing's DWDM tunable XFP 10 Gbps multiprotocol optical transceiver is an integrated fiber optic transceiver that provides a high-speed serial link at signaling rates from 9.95 Gbps to 11.1 Gbps.


l Supports 9.953 Gbps (SONET and SDH), 10.31 Gbps (Ethernet), 10.52 Gbps (Fibre Channel), and corresponding Forward Error Correction (FEC) rates of 10.66/10.709/11.09/11.35 Gbps
l Monolithically integrated full C-band tunable transmitter
l 50 GHz ITU channel spacing with integrated wavelength locker
l 40 or 80km reach
l Commercial operating temperature from -5°C to 70°C
l Maximum power dissipation of 3.5 W
l No reference clock required
l Digital diagnostic monitoring support
l SFF-8477
l Telcordia GR-253-CORE and tested in accordance with GR-468
l ITU-T G.691
l IEEE 802-3ae-2002
l 10 GFC 1200-SM-LL-L
l Class 1 laser safety
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Package P/N Data Rate Wavelength Distance Case Temp. Application
XFP LXD6L409-DCL 9.95~11.1G DWDM
40km 0~70 Eth, SDH, 10GFC
XFP LXD6M809-DCL 9.95~11.1G DWDM
80km 0~70 Eth, SDH, 10GFC


Shipping Information
Package Contents Transceiver, 10 units
Package Dimensions(W*H*D) 20mm*13.5mm*3.8mm
Material Carton box
Weight 0.5 KG
Lead Time 10-15 working days normally

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